As a company, Tiflex Ltd is committed to working with our customers to develop new materials, systems and solutions. Tiflex Ltd is part of the James Walker Group of companies worldwide and Tiflex specialist rail solutions have been supplied to the global rail industry under the brand name TRACKELAST for over 50 years.

Trackelast products are manufactured from a variety of high quality raw materials with strict quality control at every stage. Our manufacturing site, based at Liskeard in Cornwall in the UK operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of BSI ISO 9001:2015. We also operate an Occupational Health & Safety Management System certificated to BSI 45001 : 2018.

Trackelast offers a full technical service ( supported by our in-house, modern R&D Facilities) to provide you with assistance in specifying and selecting the correct materials - to provide you with the outcome which you require. Trackelast pads are designed and manufactured to the requirements of National / rail authority specifications globally. This may involve the bespoke design and manufacturer of specialist products. We do not just offer standard ‘off the shelf’ products. We are here to help our customers develop specialist bespoke solutions to their particular challenges supported by our polymer technologists, to develop solutions to a variety of engineering problems particularly those requiring high performance and product durability.

Trackelast products tend to fall into 3 generic categories, which you can view elsewhere in this website and some general examples of products include :-

Sleeper/baseplate pads, Under Sleeper Pads (USP’s) to EN16730, S&C pads, strip pads.

Civil Engineering
Under ballast mats, stray current protection mats, structural protection mats.

Fire retardant rail pads , anti vegetation matting, signalling applications, Floating Slab Track (FST) bearings, crane rail strip pads.

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TICO - Pipe supports suitable for offshore oil and gas applications, Height adjustable machinery mounts, Machinery Mounting, HVAC, Anti Vibration and noise isolation products.

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Nebar- Rubber/Cork Nebar Gasket materials and actively support the James Walker Group distribution network worldwide with current technical, application and availability advice for all our products.

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Oxbridge- BSI Kite marked cricket balls suitable for top class cricket, a comprehensive range of men’s county and league cricket balls including multi coloured and the new pink cricket balls, dedicated ladies and youth cricket balls.

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TREADMASTER Marine - Anti-slip decking, teak effect decking, self-adhesive grip pads, alongside marine adhesives and Treadmaster cleaner.

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Treadmaster Flooring - Industrial floor coverings complying to high fire retardant and low smoke emissions specifications, suitable for both underground and over ground applications.

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Rail Pads for plain line and S&C applications, Under Sleeper Pads (USP), Under Ballast Mats (UBM), Stray Current Protection Mats (SCPM), Embedded Rail Strips, bespoke products and much more.