Void Filler FC48

Trackelast FC48 is a natural rubber bonded cork material, black in colour. It is a very tough and durable material suitable for use in the temperature range -40°C to +60°C. It can be moulded or machined into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the application.

Trackelast FC48 is designed for use as a packing material for supporting railway sleepers or as a gap-filling material on level crossings. It is suitable for use under any axle load, from light transit to heavy freight lines. It has excellent anti-ageing and wear resistance properties.

Physical Properties

Test Method Conditions Data Units
Hardness ISO 48 80 oIRHD
Density ISO 2781 1.35 g/cm3
Tensile Strength ISO 37 3.0 MPa
Elongation at Break ISO 37 50 %
Electrical Resistance 1011 Ω.cm